How Mater Heart Run taught my son to be a debt collector

The Mater Heart Run was started in 2002 as the main fundraising avenue for the Cardiac program. The main Objective of the Mater Heart Run is to fundraise for the cardiac program started in 1995 to cater for children who cannot afford the surgery. The first open-heart surgery was performed in 1996.  

I am one of those people who does not know how to ask people for money they owe me. Once I remind you once, twice, thrice, I sort of fell like I am nagging and it really frustrates me. I tend to be polite and when it comes to money I often wonder why the person needs to be reminded yet when they were borrowing the cash they swore they would pay back on a specific date. 

My son taught me a lesson about persistence at least during debt collection. A day before the deadline for submitting the Mater Heart Run money, my son was busy following up debts from people who had pledged. As a passive observer, this is how the conversation went.

Son: Hello Mama John? This is Henry and I am using my mummy's phone. 

Mama John: Hi H? How are you? How was school?

Son: Fine. Now.. (3-seconds silence). I am calling to remind you about the KSh 2,000 you pledged on my Mater Heart Run form. I need it tonight so I can take it to school tomorrow. 

Mama John: Oh! Can i give you on Sunday? 

Son: No. The deadline is tomorrow. Send using MPesa to my mummy's line. and include the withdrawal charge because my mummy will deduct it from me if you don't include it. 

Mama John: OK Henry. 

Son: What time will you send? I sleep at 8 pm and I want to count the money and put it safely in my bag. 

Mama John: I am sending now. 

Son: Thank you. Say hello to John. I will see him at soccer practice on Sunday. Bye!

After that call, I really wanted to call Mama John but I changed my mind. Perhaps I should delegate debt to my son.

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