Uncommon thinking

Caroline J. Kimutai is my official name. I am commonly known as Carole Kimutai and those dear to me call me CK. My maternal grandmother calls me Carolina and that is only EXCLUSIVE to her. No one else. Ok? So you can refer to me as Caroline, Carole or CK. That is fine. Just get the spelling of my name right.

I am a Kenyan. I am a Rotarian. I love my country dearly. I call Kenya home. In a couple of years, I will turn 40. That is significant to me because it is the age my biological mother died. It will be 20 years in 2018 since she passed on. My mother was the center of my life. But God had an amazing plan, He gave me an army of angles who have stepped in for my parents. I have been blessed and lucky to meet amazing people who have adopted me as their daughter and friend.

For years, I had the desire to write down my thoughts. I was not sure if I would do it as a book or a blog. Eish! I have had a very adventurous life. I will confess that I started a blog 7 years ago but I was not motivated enough to update it. But this is IT! I am now ready. The universe has aligned everything and my creative juices are now flowing. Plus, I have a special friend who made this happen and has promised to keep me on my toes.  

I walk around with a lot of stories in my head. That is what I want to share on www.uncommon.co.ke. It will be about the quirky observations I make about people, places and things. I will also share about how people live their lives. You may not agree with their approach; hence the name UNCOMMON. Anyway, the intention is not for you to agree, I just want you to see the other side of the coin and understand their logic.

I will also republish select interviews of people I met while writing for various local and international publications. I have been on the beat for more than a decade. The Guest Writer section is for people who want to use www.uncommon.co.ke to share their personal stories.

I guess that is it. If you have something/anything to share, I will be happy to publish it. Drop me a line on: blog@uncommon.co.ke. I also welcome comments, ideas, feedback and even a hello. 



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