What a show! Tinga Tinga Tales musical is worth your time (Photos)

Hats off to Eric Wainaina for such a spectacular musical titled: Tinga Tinga Tales


I watched the musical with my teenage boys and they laughed all through the musical. It is currently showing at the Kenya National Theatre.

The organisers have planned it with children in mind. Inside the theatre, children get a cute cushion made of zebra print that they can sit on and have a clear view of the stage.

The storytelling has a powerful message for both adults and children. NOBODY IS USELESS. This is a deep message in the era of “faking it”.

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The message is delivered in a humorous way by the animals in the jungle. In the characters, you will identify yourself. You will identify with the excuses you give when you are scared or think you aren’t important.

The production is world class, the lighting and sound are A++++. It reminded me of Mamma Mia on Broadway.

If you haven’t watched the musical, please plan to take your children or have your children’s school take them. There is also an opportunity for corporations to book a show.

Be ready to clap, sing and dance. Eric does a marvellous job of engaging the crowd.

The show is running every day until the end of September.

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