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Confessions of a 20 something year old Kenyan man trying to find himself

As a young man bursting with ambition and aiming to be number one in this business of entertainment and gossip, I meet a lot of people, many phoney and few, very few, legit ones.

Sadly, it is an industry of plastic people!. So I have been through a lot and yet, here I am, still bumping into new faces as I keeping changing phases.

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Heavily influenced by rap and basketball –NBA– to be exact, I have always seen myself as an outlier, a kid obsessed with Micheal Jordan’s career and his shoes. Not forgetting Lebron James! And Jay Z. Abbas Kubaff. Queen Bey. Sometimes Avril. Or maybe Kambua on one of those heavenly Sundays..never Willy Paul though, huyo ni wa dundaa ma Fridays. 

Some millennial are like this too. But I believe it’s because of the hype surrounding these guys. They love Air Jordans because Miley Cyrus sang about them. They don’t understand the deep history behind it. Or, Kubaff because of his hype, never his lyricism and message. 

It’s true!

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If you go to a Kinyozi in a very remote village and tell the barber “Ninyoe Jordan”, without questions he’ll leave you with a bald head. That’s how famous and good Jordan was.

Some really marvel my personality. I think ladies love it. Some men think I’m gay because I hate football. Haaaa! Or maybe, they are just hating on a nice brother.

A smooth kid who calls himself the African Samorai. I’m ever in street clothes but I’ll soon find myself gravitating towards suits and ties as pressure from society and my mum mounts.

Here is a guy obsessed with 360 dunks, latest music, drama from some of these ratchet socialite, Shaqting a fool clips, Andrew Kibe, DJ John Rabar, Khaligraph, Nike Hyper dunk shoes and Sway in the morning freestyle clips, working with Carole Kimutai.

Carole! She needs no intro! Name dropping her is enough.


I’ll tell you HOW. First of all, I write a lot of News-based articles. For a long time, this has made me refrain from starting my own personal blog.

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So when I learnt Carole had a blog called Uncommon, for uncommon people — like me, Samorai got excited. I reached out to her and I was like “hey, can you give me a chance to blog about my life once in a while on your platform as I find myself?”

She said yes! I think because I did not say, “Hae, can i get a xhance 2 blog 4U?” You know the Xa Xi Xo Xu English drives her nuts! Haaaaaa!! Haaaaa!!

Given that she was my Boss Lady at TUKO, I had enough cookie points and she gave me a chance.

But looking back, I never thought such a thing could happen. Never.

And that’s the beauty of life. You might not understand it now, but later on, when you look back and reminisce, you’d be like “Ohh snap, that led to this, they are connected. I now see.”

So don’t panic when your ex-ditches you, It’s probably because you’re meant to be with Vera Sidika or Dennis Oliech. Funny, but the universe has its ways of setting up things.

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So maybe Steve Jobs was right when he said:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

Ok, I know he looks scary and all but Abbas Kubaff is a nice guy. And super talented artist too.

Since such chances are rare, I am officially part of #TeamUncommon. I intend to make Uncommon my personal blog. A Stainless Steel, high-pressure drain pipe that will always gush my deepest thoughts, desires, emotions and happenings. Will it be a good thing? It has to be.

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Will it be awful? I think at this point I stopped giving a…because of Carole, let me refrain.

Hopingly, I’ll look at the dots one day and see how they formed a perfect path for me. A path that I couldn’t see when I kept looking forward.

This was just a prelude, let’s do this every Friday!


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