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Money matters: Kenyans share simple, practical ways that helped them save thousands this year

As 2017 comes to an end, some are happy they hit most of their goals while others are struggling to pinpoint what exactly veered them off their targets set in the beginning of the year. 

Some had just a couple of goals while others had almost a dozen. Regardless of the number, money, in one way or another, made it to the list.

Either to save more, earn more or invest more.

And with the year now less than a week from kaput, Kenyans took online to share some of the remarkable, yet simple ways they managed to save thousands of shillings this year.

” I stopped going for lunch at the cafe and started carrying packed lunch from home,” posted Stella Njenga on Facebook’s group 52-weeks saving challenge Kenya.

“I decided to save the same amount I was using for lunch on a daily basis(300-400). I also had a habit of passing by Naivas everyday to buy milk bread and et cetera..which by the way I almost bought something on impulse daily.

“My trips to the supermarket also stopped and I decided to buy in bulk. longlife milk and sub bread with arrow roots..sweet potatoes and pancakes…or buy from the estate shop if I had to buy breakfast mid week. I did this from 1st July to today(December 19)..See how much I was wasting!!!! Am happy because January is gonna be easy on me..85,600.” 

Though most people associate discipline with social behaviors, it also applies to how you manage your money.

Italian Nera had an almost similar confession.

“So I have been the type of woman who buys clothes and shoes on impulse. I decided to join a sacco 10 days ago and decided to ‘buy’ my shoes and clothes from there. Being a Facebook person, like my life depends on it, I get to see great oufits from online sellers . Nikiona nguo nimeipenda and I am about to place an order, I direct my funds to my sacco account. So yesterday I gave myself a pat on the back after I saw this great dress.

“Nikaenda tu kwa shop nikaburgain nikajipima nguo iko poa haionyeshi kitambi 🤗🤗. Nikapima zingine nilikuwa nimezipenda kabisa. Nikasema zifungwe na since I had no cash nikadecide kulipa na Mpesa. Roho ilikataa tu nikajipata nimedeposit into my sacco account.

“You should have seen the face of the shop attendant when I announced my change of mind . She must be busy defaming me that nilikuwa nataka kumcon 8k. I am finally delivered and so can you. I have since saved 27k that would have been clothes and shoes that U would probably never get to wear. I did and so can you. All fellow,” She posted.

How was your year in terms of saving? Share with me in the comment box.


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