10 months of saving for a worthwhile trip to Entim Camp, Masai Mara (PHOTOS)

I had been to the Masai Mara once; many years back when I was a teenager. Ever since the Masai Mara has been on my bucket list as one of the MUST places to visit. 

As I was shopping for a place to visit over the Christmas holiday, my friend Bob recommended Entim Camp, an exclusive 10 camp property next to the mighty Mara River. It was 10 months to Christmas and after checking their website, Entim sounded like an excellent plan.

The deal maker for me was the tented camps and the strategic located next to the Mara River. This is where the Wildebeest migration happens.

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I wrote to my travel agent and got a highly discounted price for three nights and a return flight. I am one of those people who hates travelling over the holidays – but this deal was just too good. After agreeing on a payment plan, I set a standing order and started counting down the days to Christmas. The plan was to leave Nairobi on Christmas Eve.

Two weeks to departure, my travel agent sent me my tickets and a Safari pack that included a hat and a travel bag. After 10 months of faithfully paying, I was now starting to feel the value for my money. Yaaay!

Landing at the Olkiombo Airstrip.

The plan was to fly to the Mara via Wilson Airport. Being the holiday season, I knew travelling by road was not going to be a good idea. Plus, I hate driving and I was not sure about the condition of the road.

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Wilson Airport is easily accessible and does not require a traveller to check-in hours ahead of time.

It took us 15 minutes from our house to the airport. In about 45 minutes we had boarded an Air Kenya flight with a group of holiday makers.

The plane made three stops before getting to Olkiombo Airstrip where we alighted. There were several Land Cruisers waiting for guests – all headed to different hotels in the Mara.

After more than 20 years, I was glad to be back to the Masai Mara. Our driver John was going to be our guide for the next three days.

Our stay

Because of the small size of the camp, everyone is a VIP. Our driver John was to take us for two game drives a day – morning and evening. Since my son loves animals I signed up for all the game drives. Every morning, we were supposed to be up and on the road by 6:15am in time to catch the sunrise. You can imagine waking up that early on Christmas Day!

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The food gets an AA from me. I loved the Apple Beetroot soup and garlic bread that was served on the first day when w arrived. It was delicious with a capital D! I must confess I checked out the recipe on YouTube and tried to make some at home. The service was excellent.

The service was excellent. Every evening the staff would join my son and me at the lounge for a chat. Please note, there is no TV in the rooms. Wifi is only available in the lounge area.

We were lucky to spot all the Big Five during our stay, thanks to our guide and driver John. I was very impressed by the teamwork of the drivers. Once they spot an animal, they inform each other where it is.

My only regret is not carrying a professional camera with a zoom lens. Next time, it will be the first item in my suitcase! Enjoy the photos.

My son and I taking a selfie immediately we landed.
On the way to Entim Camp, we spotted some game on the way.
Our tent that was a few metres from the Mara River.
Inside the tent. The room is very spacious with a big bath area that has heated water.
And I got a complementary bottle of wine.
Entim Camp is next to the Mara River, at the spot where the Migration happens. I was told that Entim hosts numerous wildlife photographers who stay for months.
During one of the morning game drives, we spotted a pride of lions.
My favourite spot. I spent hours lying on the sun bed as I enjoyed the scenery.
During an evening game drive, we spotted a herd of elephants walking.
A campfire at night just before dinner. We were served cocktails and entertained by a group of Masai dancers (jumpers). Luckily for me, I had a star search App. The clear nights were beautiful. I spotted planet Venus that was close to the earth.
One of the rewards of getting up early is you get to catch the sunrise. Despite my sleepy eyes, this was always the highlight of my morning.
The rest of the day was spent sleeping in the hammock under a lovely shade.
If you look really hard, you will see a Cheetah up that tree eating its kill. This was a spectacular sight. My only regret is not carrying a professional camera that would have enabled me to get a better shot.
With the amazing staff from Entim Camp.
What a trip! Thank you Entim Camp.

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